Almost all construction site projects are at risk of vandalism, theft or damage at some point during the project. Some projects can be victims of repeated targeting from youths, criminal gangs or even scrap merchants. Insurance companies even refuse to insure some sites without having any provision of manned out of hours security.

SFM offers a first class site security guarding service which incorporates regular perimeter patrols, emergency procedures, incident reporting and more. We can provide another security service upon request

Lone Worker Protection

Where your business requires lone and/or late night workers, your staff may be at higher risk from crime. We provide licensed security operatives to accompany members of your staff when locking up or leaving the premises. The presence of a uniformed security operative provides a sufficient deterrent to potential offenders, whilst being of reassurance to your staff.


We provided the staff for a support service short and longer services just call us on the day you need our services. We will respond to you as soon as possible


We provided the short time steward and stewardess when never you needed our serviced them. All our staff are trained.