Security on demand is a fast and flexible service. From few hours to few months, from a single guard to a team, we can precisely match your needs.

We are able to deliver short term bookings with no on-going contract and because our officers are fully trained and fully licenced, they can get to work as soon as they arrive.

We are positioned to offer customised security services to meet the specific needs of any organisation. We are one of the growing security companies in the UK and have a team of fully trained operational officers and static security guards. We are based in the UK and our office is located in Glasgow. We provide cost effective and highly reliable and visible security protection to all our clients.

Whether you need a static security guard to be present at all times at specific points or mobile patrols to sweep across your property on varied routes or security services offer the peace of mind that you need to operate your routine business operations. One call to us and we will be available with our security services kit along with our personnel to inspect your security needs and guide you through the most suited security solutions.


We have professionally trained, security officers that can be deployed on the site anywhere in the UK within 5 hours. Our operations team would carefully select personnel according to the project requirements and site-specific training is given prior to the commencement of any project.

Some of the duties our Static Guards carry out on site include:

  • Regularly patrol the perimeter at specified intervals.
  • Patrol log would be kept and a handover signature would be taken from site management at the start and end of the shifts.
  • All incidents, sightings, suspicious behaviour would be reported to site management and the security officer would liaise with the appropriate emergency services in case of any incidents.
  • Control and monitor the movement of all vehicles, personnel and non-personnel to and from the site.
  • Diligently apply their training to ensure that all materials/ property and the premises are secured.
  • Wear High Visibility vests and be immediately identifiable as persons of authority.
  • The Security officers will maintain log books in order to monitor all site activities.
  • Registers will be kept for keys, lost property and any searches carried out.

Our staff are trained in first aid, fire awareness and health & safety  procedures.
SFM understands that all sites are unique and will therefore bespoke specific security measures depending on individual concerns


 SFM can provide you with a specially selected event security team for any type of event. Events that we provide services for include:

  • Festivals
  • Rock & Pop concerts
  • Private parties & Functions
  • Carnivals and Feasts
  • Corporate functions
  • Charity events & fundraisings
  • Sporting events

All staff is trained to control and co-ordinate crowds and handle incidents discreetly, especially in congested areas. The staff we select for festivals are varied and selected according to the specific event, in turn allowing for the profile of the target audience that will be in attendance. Our Operations Manager & Business Managers will work closely with the event organizers and provide additional advice and support where necessary during the planning stages of an event.

Lone Worker Protection

Where your business requires lone and/or late night workers, your staff may be at higher risk from crime. We provide licensed security operatives to accompany members of your staff when locking up or leaving the premises. The presence of a uniformed security operative provides a sufficient deterrent to potential offenders, whilst being of reassurance to your staff.


Our Security Officers have all the required licences and training associated with the work they are expected to undertake. A Door Supervisor licence is required if manned guarding activities are undertaken in relation to licensed premises, which is why all our Security Officers carry a Door Security licence.

Mobile Security Patrol

SFM can provide a range of services including  to enhance physical security of your business, our mobile patrols can observe your premises throughout the silent hours. We deploy an extremely dependable and swift response team supported by the latest technological and monitoring capabilities.

In conjunction with our client, we will design a programme of random patrols to suit your site’s specific requirement whether that be at weekends, night times or school holidays. Following an agreed plan, our officer will make a thorough check of your building and its perimeter covering all possible access points and car park areas. Any unusual findings will be logged with our control room and our Night Manager will decide on any course of action to be taken.
Services include:
– Keyholding
– Alarm Response
– Access Visits
– Mobile Patrols
– Locking/unlocking
– Inspections

Key holding

Acting as custodians for your premises, this is a cost efficient and accommodating key holding service, ensuring rapid response and resolve to any incident. To ensure your business operates with minimum disruption in the event of an emergency, our SIA licensed officers will attend all alarm activation to resolve the issue. This also removes the risk to you or a member of your team, having to return to your premises alone by allowing the experts to do this for you.

Full internal and external patrols and checks will either re-secure your property or alert and liaise with a key-holder or emergency services. By using our services we will follow the procedure for your property

  • We ensure your business operates efficiently with minimum disruption and downtime
  • Our SIA Licensed officers to attend all alarm activations
  • Our Full audit trails utilising car tracker & RFID technology
  • We will Proven cost efficiency
  • Eliminates potential corporate manslaughter prosecution
  • Manages risk by not exposing employees
  • Reports carried out in real time, harnessing state of the art technology
  • Possible reduction in insurance premiums if implementing our service.

Alarm response.

SFM patrol provides alarm response services to be used alongside new and existing alarm systems.

 Construction Site Security

Almost all construction site projects are at risk of vandalism, theft or damage at some point during the project. Some projects can be victims of repeated targeting from youths, criminal gangs or even scrap merchants. Insurance companies even refuse to insure some sites without having any provision of manned out of hours security.

SFM offers a first class site security guarding service which incorporates regular perimeter patrols, emergency procedures, incident reporting and more. We can provide another security service upon request.


We provided the staff for a support service short and longer services just call us on the day you need our services. We will respond to you as soon as possible

Short Time Stewards and Stewardess

We provided short time trained steward and stewardess whenever you need them.